Keeping Our Promise to be YOUR Hospital

  • I have had 3 weeks of physical therapy at this hospital and have felt better than I have for some time. The staff is very knowledgeable on what my needs are. I would highly recommend WMH Therapy Department to anyone whose doctor prescribes this treatment for pain or rehab. James E.
    Mary Rose Treated for 2 weeks
  • I had some doubt if Physical Therapy could decrease the pain my right shoulder. Also, I knew if they didn't, Dr. Bahn would have to do deep injections in it that I wasn't looking forward to. I have to say your staff is superb, considerate and anxious to do whatever it takes to relieve the problem. Trevor Barth, PT, worked on my shoulder with different types of therapy. Before he began, I was in a lot of pain. I spent sleepless nights and limited use of my right arm, However, by the time he finished, I was free of pain and still am. Thanks to him and the rest of your caring staff. Patricia
    Lilian Jones Visitor
  • I really appreciate Jason's thorough explanation of everything that I am doing and how it will help me. He gave me tips and suggestions of other things I can do to help my pain. He has such a sweet demeanor and was easy to talk to, which is important when you need to relay how you feel. I appreciate all his help. Tonda
    Lemon Trevor X Patient
  • The ER team Wyandot Memorial has now is the best. I am still amazed at the rapid and accurate care I received and I am telling everyone! The staff of Wyandot Memorial kept my family and me as calm as possible and prepared us for what was about to happen next. I truly feel as though Dr. Cohen saved my life. He has made follow up phone calls just to check on me and that does mean a lot to me also. I trust him with my life. I want to thank everyone working at the hospital on that night who had a part in my care. Tara
    Lemon Trevor X Patient
  • I was glad when the cafeteria menu became available on line ... we plan our appointments and therapy around lunch, so like to see the menu. It's the best food around! Better than any restaurant in town! Frances
  • On October 25, 2015 I required emergency surgery and unfortunately, Dr. Schuler was not available, being on a Sun. ( I know, he does need time off). I had to leave the area for said LIFE-SAVING surgery and NEVER AGAIN will I leave WYANDOT COUNTY!!! I have faith and confidence in ALL the doctors and support staff @ WMH and there is NO reason to leave!! I have had several surgeries since then ALL performed locally and have also had therapy. I have nothing but GOOD to say about the GREAT, FANTASTIC treatment I received from everyone. Thank you for everything ALL of you do. Everyone is VERY DEDICATED!! Clarice
  • The extra efforts of staff made my 90-year-old mother feel respected and loved during her overnight stay at the hospital. Of special note is the nurse who made time to paint Mom's nails a pretty color. That made her day! And Trey offering a robe so my mother could ride home in comfort on a cold, snowy day was much appreciated! Rob
  • As a patient, I feel that it is important to be in clean and safe environment. The housekeeping staff do an amazing job of keeping this hospital clean, from the waiting areas to the labs and x-rays to my room. I have been at other hospitals and none compare to how clean this hospital is. Everyone from the top down should thank them for the hard work they put in daily to keep this hospital clean. I have always believed it starts with the workers and so many times they don't get acknowledged. I am personally acknowledging them and challenge all who come in contact with them to thank them. Joann
  • I delivered my second son at this hospital and my experience was fantastic! All the staff was so kind and caring. I wish I had delivered my first son here too! I've had great experience with doctors here as well. Love this place! Caitlin
  • The best surgical experience I have ever had. Wyandot should be very proud of their surgical staff. They all did an amazing job, professional and relatable. I would recommend to others as an A -rated facility. Kathryn
  • I love this place just because the staff is very friendly. They also have state of the art equipment so you don't have to be shuttled to some CT scan 50 miles away. Very pleased with their service. Thank you for taking care of me Wyandot hospital. Brian