Patient Navigation

Wyandot Memorial Hospital’s Patient Navigator provides one-on-one guidance and assistance to patients, families and caregivers and helps with many needs. The principal function of the Patient Navigator is to eliminate any barriers to timely screening, diagnosis, treatment and supportive care for each patient while also promoting smooth and timely continuity of care. The Patient Navigator works with a variety of patients – not just oncology patients or patients with chronic diseases – but rather any patient facing diagnostic testing or requiring assistance in any aspect of their medical care.

How can the Patient Navigator help me?

  • Arrange transportation to and from appointments
  • Identify resources for financial assistance including medication, co-pay assistance and other community resources
  • Coordinate continuity of care for WMH patients who need to have surgery or treatment at another facility (i.e. The James Cancer Hospital, etc.)
  • Assist with keeping track of doctor visits, tests and other appointments
  • Help completing medical forms including those relating to insurance, Medicaid and Medicare
  • Answer general questions about health insurance and the WMH Patient Navigator is a Certified Application Counselor for the Health Insurance Marketplace and can enroll patients and help them purchase health coverage through this program.
  • Provide information on and assistance with Advance Directives (Living Wills and Healthcare Power of Attorney forms)

How can I contact the Patient Navigator?

Please phone Debbie Dilley at 419-294-4991, ext. 4159 or you can email her at You may also stop by her office located on the second floor just past the elevator.

If you can’t pay for your medication, there may be assistance available – please call Debbie at 419-294-4991, ext. 4159 to make an appointment.