Koehler Drug Negotiating Transfer of Ownership

It is with great pleasure that Koehler Drug Company of Upper Sandusky, Ohio, and Wyandot Memorial Hospital announce that they are in the process of negotiating the transfer of ownership of Koehler Drug Company to Wyandot Memorial Hospital.

Koehler Drug Company is pleased that its current location in downtown Upper Sandusky will continue to serve as a pharmaceutical provider to the community and the familiar faces that you are used to seeing at the store. Wyandot Memorial Hospital is pleased to extend and expand its services as a pharmacy provider to Upper Sandusky and surrounding areas.

Both Brenda Koehler, as a representative of Koehler Drug Company, and Ty Shaull, President and CEO of Wyandot Memorial Hospital, want to thank the community for its support of both of these institutions over the past years and are pleased that this proposed transfer will continue Koehler Drug’s and Wyandot Memorial Hospital’s long-standing tradition of excellence in service to its customers.