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Wellness Center therapy gymWyandot Memorial offers a multitude of health and wellness services through the Population Health and Wellness Department in our Wellness Center.

Some services include Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation, our diabetic self-management services, Living With Diabetes program, various support groups, the Matter of Balance program, and wellness gym membership services and SilverSneaker partnership.

Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Cardiac or Pulmonary Rehabilitation is a physician-ordered, medically-supervised program of exercise, emotional and social support with lifestyle modifications to help the heart and lungs regain strength. Rehabilitation reduces the risks of cardiovascular disease, improves pulmonary function and decreases mortality while providing a safe environment.

Our cardiac and pulmonary team rehabilitation team include our medical director, a registered nurse and an exercise physiologist. All staff members are certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support and work together to determine blood pressure, interpret EKG monitoring and to further advance each patient. Continuous EKG monitoring is available based on your ordered diagnosis and insurance coverage. This program lasts approximately 12 weeks as advised by the ordering physician.

Diabetic Education

The mission of the Diabetic Team at this facility is to partner with the diabetic patient, physician and patient’s family to provide quality and comprehensive diabetes self-management education and tools. This will include empowering the patient to better manage his or her disease, improve their quality of life and prevent complications of diabetes.

The goals of the Diabetic Team are to provide knowledge and skill training, help individuals identify barriers to treatment, teach problem solving and coping skills to achieve self-management, and behavior change as needed. Diabetic Team members include the patient and family, primary care practitioner, diabetic teaching nurse, pharmacist, dietician, and exercise physiologist.

The diabetic teaching nurse works with each unique individual to identify his or her needs related to diabetes self-management. Education needs, behavioral goals and follow-up plans are established after a review of the physician’s health assessment, completion of a nurse assessment and review of a complete foot exam.

  • Living with Diabetes offers diabetic self-management education training and support. Living with Diabetes is a 6-hour physician-ordered, multidisciplinary educational course with yearlong follow-up by the diabetic teaching nurse. After the full year, Medicare patients are eligible for two hours of continued nursing education per year if order by the physician.
  • Individual education is offered for patients with special needs such as vision problems, hearing deficits, physical limitations, cognitive impairment, and language limitations.
  • The Diabetic support group has roundtable discussions and guest speakers throughout the year.
  • Other services offered include continuous glucose monitoring, glucometer instruction and insulin instruction.

Nutrition Services for Creating a Healthy Diet

Our Registered Dietitian can help you generate a healthy meal pattern to help you meet your personal goals.

  • Outpatient Nutrition Services focuses on understanding your needs, routines, how to change unhealthy habits and gain healthy behaviors.
  • Nutrition counseling and Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT) diet education are offered for patients and families. This may include but are not limited to diabetes education, weight management, cardiovascular disease, renal disease, malnutrition, weight gain, cancer and chemotherapy, sports nutrition and/or maintaining a healthy diet.
  • Portion Control and Holiday Recipes

Wellness Center Gym

The Wellness Center offers exercise programs for both healthy individuals and those with medical concerns including pre-diabetes, cancers, hypertension, arthritis or orthopedic concerns and comprehensive weight management.

Wellness Center membership includes an exercise consultation, wellness assessment, use of all equipment, nutrition consult, blood pressure screening, full lipid panel bi-annually and participation in Sit Be Fit classes.

  • General membership fees start at $30/month. Reduced pricing is available for multiple family members and volunteers of WMH.
  • The Wellness Center participates in SilverSneakers to provide use of the gym at no out-of-pocket cost to those whose insurance plans include the benefit. Enrollment through SilverSneakers starts with your insurance carrier. Other Wellness Center services are available to SilverSneakers participants for a small fee.
  • The Matter of Balance program is a proven exercise and education class that includes eight sessions. The evidence-based program is offered several times each year.
  • Registration is required for Wellness Center memberships and classes.

Contact Wellness Staff for More Details

We’d love to hear from you! Contact a member of the Wellness Center staff by phoning 419-294-4991, extension 2236, or email wellness@wyandotmemorial.org.

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