Swing Bed Program
Swing Bed Program

Swing Bed Program

Your Step between Hospital & Home

Patients with serious injuries and illnesses are not always ready to return home right away even after their intensive acute care has ended. The Swing Bed Program (SWP) provides patients with an opportunity to prepare for life at home through skilled nursing and therapy services. Although the SWP is different from the hospital services patients received before, they still remain in the same room and work with the same members of our medical staff.

Helping Patients Achieve Their Goals

Physical and occupational therapy are the main components of the SWP. Patients work with a skilled physical or occupational therapist who creates a personalized recovery program based on the patient’s individual needs. Staff members help patients create short-term goals that make it easier for them to recognize the progress they make during recovery.

Some goals for the SWP include:

  • Increasing muscle strength
  • Learning pain management techniques
  • Learning how to use medical devices such as crutches or wheelchairs
  • Learning optimal breathing techniques
  • Improving range-of-motion
  • Regaining proficiency in small tasks such as writing, using phones, etc.
  • Creating a new diet
  • Learning ways to safely move around in the home environment while physically impaired
  • Learning how to use adaptive equipment for increased ease with daily tasks, such as dressing

The patient’s care team meets weekly to discuss the patient’s progress and estimated recovery time. Patients and family members are encouraged to attend these meetings and ask questions.

Life in the SWP

Once in the SWP, patients are encouraged to start taking a more active role in their lives and participating in physical and occupational therapies. Hospital staff is always nearby and available to help with any tasks a patient may be struggling with. We also have many activities and events so patients can entertain themselves while staying in the SWP. As patients start regaining their independence through therapy, there will be more opportunities for them to move around and get used to a more active routine. Visits from friends and family are encouraged.

Medicare covers services in the SWP, meaning the program follows all Medicare-designated guidelines. All patients are giving a 48-hour notice before discharge from the SWP. If the patient is returning to their home instead of a nursing facility, we can provide a home safety check before discharge if the patient’s therapist thinks it will be necessary. During this check, the patient, a family member, and a therapist examine the patient’s home to ensure a safe discharge. The therapist may have recommendations to make the home environment safer and more accessible for the patient.

For more information about the Wyandot Memorial Hospital Swing Bed Program, call us at 419-294-4991.