Maternity Care in Wyandot County

Your Hometown Delivery Team

Wyandot Memorial Hospital is well-known in the area for its high quality obstetrics and maternity care services. There are few moments in life that are as simultaneously exciting and nerve-wracking as bringing a new baby into the world. Our compassionate staff is here to provide moms and families with the attentive care they need as they prepare for the big day.

We Help Families Feel Prepared

No two children are the same, and every new birth means a family is about to have a life-changing event. It is natural to feel nervous about this, but rest assured that you do not have to figure everything out alone. Our world-class obstetricians and nurse midwives will be by your side every step of the way. We provide mothers with the devoted care they need and help educate families on the basics of infant care.

Our delivery and maternity care team can help you with:

  • Learning the basics of breastfeeding
  • Morning sickness and other pregnancy side effects
  • Assessing the health of your developing baby
  • Preparing for labor and delivery
  • Planning and creating your ideal birth experience

We are here to help you create your ideal birth experience. Our team will help you figure out what to expect and discuss what your options are when the big day arrives. You make all final decisions about how the delivery is handled, what pain medication you want to receive, and other important matters. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong, our team will be prepared to make time-sensitive decisions while keeping your wishes in mind.

Bringing Your Baby Home

Our job doesn’t stop once your child has entered the world. We will be here to provide care for both mother and child, from routine health check-ups to state-required assessments. We are also equipped to provide special needs and critical care when necessary.

There will likely be many times with your newborn when you are not sure what’s going on with them and whether or not you should be concerned. Feel free to turn to us whenever you have a question or concern. We take pride in helping parents feel more confident and relaxed as they learn more about their new family member.

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