Early and Late Hours for Mammograms
Early and Late Hours for Mammograms

Early and Late Hours for Mammograms


Women can have their mammograms at Wyandot Memorial Hospital during early morning or evening hours if daytime appointments conflict with busy schedules.

“We offer early and late appointments so women can fit their mammogram in and not delay the important screening,” explained Mammography Technologist Tiffany Saltzman. “We know some have postponed healthcare appointments like this due to the pandemic, so we provide flexible hours and additional safety precautions to protect our patients.”

A mammogram is a low-dose x-ray that allows doctors to look for changes in breast tissue. A mammogram can often find or detect breast cancer early, when it is small and even before a lump can be felt.

Saltzman noted Wyandot Memorial has the Genius 3D Mammography™ system, which has been proven to provide clinically superior images that aid in better cancer detection with a low radiation dose.

“It’s been a valuable tool in early detection,” she emphasized.

According to the American Cancer Society, breast cancer that is found early, when it is small and has not spread, is easier to treat successfully. Getting regular screenings is the most reliable way to find breast cancer early.

Saltzman said there are screening guidelines specific to women at average risk of breast cancer and those at higher risk.

“Talk with your medical provider about your risk factors and their recommendation for mammograms,” she suggested. “If you do not have a medical provider, you may speak with one of our mammography technologists about the current guidelines.”

To schedule a mammogram or discuss the screening guidelines, phone the WMH X-ray & Imaging Department at 419-294-4991, extension 2243.