Hospital Restricting Visitors
Hospital Restricting Visitors

Hospital Restricting Visitors


Effective today, Wyandot Memorial Hospital is restricting visitors in its efforts to protect patients, staff and the community. These restrictions will continue until further notice and may change as the situation with the global pandemic changes.

“The course of the novel coronavirus – COVID-19 – is still unknown and evolving,” noted WMH CEO Ty Shaull. “We are closely tracking the activity in Ohio and we are working with local, state and federal health officials as we change processes and procedures. We are adhering to the guidance set forth by the WHO, CDC, ODH and other state agencies.”

Shaull emphasized that the necessary changes are temporary and the hospital will maintain normal healthcare operations during the pandemic.

He also said the hospital would not be publicly confirming or denying any COVID-19 cases in accordance with patient privacy laws.

The visitor restrictions enacted are as follows:

Entrances – All patients and visitors will be required to enter through the main entrance or the emergency department entrance, and individuals entering at these locations will be screened according to the visitor restrictions in place.

Visitor Restrictions – No one under 12 years of age is permitted to visit or accompany patients in the hospital. Visitors to inpatient nursing units or the emergency department are permitted, but only one visitor per patient at a time. Patients and visitors that are feeling ill are not permitted to visit patients at the hospital.

Patient Appointments, Procedures and Surgeries - All routine medical care and regularly scheduled appointments, procedures and surgeries will proceed as scheduled. Anyone with symptoms of the coronavirus disease should call their medical provider’s office prior to presenting in person. Patients may bring one person to accompany them to their appointment.

UrgentCare - UrgentCare will be open regular hours, with special accommodations for social distancing among waiting patients. Anyone with symptoms of the coronavirus disease should call UrgentCare before presenting in person.

Department Closures or Limitations - The Wellness Center is closed for cardiac and pulmonary rehab patients and to Wellness members. Beca North is closed, and the cafeteria is closed to the public and open only to patients, visitors and staff. All classes, support groups and community meetings scheduled at the hospital through the end of April are cancelled. Volunteer and student job shadowing activities are suspended during this restricted period.

“Our mission focuses on putting patients first, and it is because of this commitment that we are enacting these serious measures,” Shaull explained. “We are ready and prepared to care for our patients and encourage everyone to do their part by recognizing the symptoms of COVID-19 and reducing their personal risk for the disease.”

The symptoms of COVID-19 that may appear 2 to 14 days after exposure are fever, cough and shortness of breath. The CDC has recommended reducing risk by avoiding close contact with people who are sick; avoiding touching your eyes, nose and mouth; washing hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds; staying home when sick and covering coughs.

For more information about the visitor restrictions enacted at WMH, phone hospital administration at 419-294-4991, extension 2267.