Hospital Renovating Tarhe Trail Building for Family Practice Providers
Hospital Renovating Tarhe Trail Building for Family Practice Providers

Hospital Renovating Tarhe Trail Building for Family Practice Providers

Family Medicine

Wyandot Memorial Hospital will begin renovations in September at its Tarhe Trail Building in preparation for relocating family practice providers to the off-campus site.

Moving the physician offices provides increased separation and safety during the remainder of the pandemic, and also allows for greater collaboration between providers and their staff members. Preliminary drawings of the space include multiple patient exam rooms, two lab draw stations, a treatment room and medical provider offices.

“We believe our patients will really appreciate the convenient parking, easy building access and quiet environment at Tarhe,” noted Practice Administrator Kendra Noyes.

She reported the providers making the move to Tarhe early this winter are Dr. Raelyn Calendine, Dr. Keri Harris, Dr. Chevone Vent, Ted Beitler, Danielle Kreais, Jenny Newman, Abby Searfoss and Dianne Solis.

The hospital purchased 245 Tarhe Trail in Upper Sandusky last year and moved several non-clinical support departments there to free up on-site space for priority patient services and alleviate parking issues during the construction of the Norman Gottfried Surgery Center.

“Before the pandemic, our surgery expansion project was well underway and plans were in the works to move the Specialty Healthcare Center to the lower level of that surgery addition,” explained President and CEO Ty Shaull.

He said the current Specialty Healthcare Center area was then slated for renovation to accommodate other physicians and services.

“Along came COVID-19 … and it quickly became apparent that keeping our patients, our staff and our community safe from the virus was the priority,” he emphasized. “Although it’s counterintuitive to what we normally promote, encouraging people to not come in the hospital was much of our messaging.”

Shaull indicated many patients responded appreciatively of the extra efforts to keep them safe. Most liked the chance to have their visit with a medical provider via phone or telemedicine, and they raved about the drive-thru labs and other services provided at the curbside or on Wyandot On Wheels. The increased focus on safety and separation prompted the idea to move primary care providers out of the hospital.

According to Noyes, the areas vacated by the move of medical providers to Tarhe will open up room to provide improved distancing among the specialists in the Specialty Healthcare Center and elsewhere. Some are already planning additional services with more treatment space available to them.

Most of the non-clinical staff members at Tarhe are transitioning to working from home – at least temporarily. Many have worked from home part-time since the start of the pandemic and are able to do so full-time. Others will return to the WMH campus as space allows after the completion of the surgery expansion project.

“This adjusted plan is certainly not at all what we had in mind when 2020 started out, but the pandemic has shown that we sometimes have to adjust and change course in order to do the right thing,” Shaull commented.

“The revised plan for improving workspace for our family practice providers and specialists is better suited to addressing COVID-related safety issues,” Noyes agreed. “It comes with a smaller price tag, too … a key consideration during these uncertain times.”

For more information about the renovations at the hospital’s Tarhe Trail Building, contact Noyes at the hospital by phoning 419-294-4991, extension 2400.