Sports Physicals Raise Funds for Medical Supplies

Jun 27, 2017

athletic physicalsUpper Sandusky High School Athletic Director Brad Ehrman reported the sports physicals for high school and middle school athletes raised $1,005 to help purchase medical supplies for district teams. Giving their time to provide the sports physicals were (from left) Physical Therapist John Elchert, Physical Therapy Assistant Jason Beidelschies, Physical Therapy Assistant Matt Malone, Physical Therapist Jason Eibling, Dr. Peter Schuler, Physical Therapy Assistant Student Shane Stansbery, Physical Therapy Assistant Tyler Brown, Dr. Keri Harris, Registered Nurse Jennifer Frey, Registered Nurse Pam Pagnard, Registered Nurse Tina Calmes, Peggy England, Nurse Practitioner Jenny Newman, Dr. Kip Newell, Nurse Practitioner Abby Searfoss, Registered Nurse Janet Dunlap, Dr. Matt Thiel and Heidi McLane. Not pictured are Dr. Bill Knapp, Registered Nurse Brittany Sherman, Jennifer Steinbaugh and USHS Head Volleyball Coach Donielle Crall.